Handmade, rugged, yet classic looks. Modern, with an eye for heritage. Pick your favorites, put them on and go explore.

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The hand of
a master

Proudly made in Europe with European craftsmanship.
All shoes are made by hand with the utmost care and expertise. True handcraft – on your feet, that is!

You scored an

Fun fact: shoes with a MAC name that starts with an A, like Mac Alfred for example, belong to the very first collection. The second one is B and so on.

sole power
We offer you the choice between a robust but comfortable black rubber outsole and a dressy blue leather one.


premium material

They say real beauty is on the inside. A load of bull, of course, as we have just proven with the outer appearance of our shoes. But in the case of MAC. FINCHER., beauty is on the inside too. The royal blue lining is made of premium calfskin. With better quality than its alternatives, this supple material will quickly take on the shape of your feet. Optimum equipment for the walk of life.

foxy box

Store your new favourite shoes in the cool box. The signature MAC. FINCHER. blue combined with its premium quality make it an absolute collector’s item.

style icons

The urban style of MAC. FINCHER. completes any outfit. Put them on with washed-out jeans or a stylish suit. You will look sophisticated either way.

For the ladiesNo man is an island, so we thought of the ladies too.


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Get lost!
Lose yourself in the Meatpacking District, Le Marais or Mitte.
Enjoy the city streets and local bars. A splitting headache the next morning? Probably. Sore feet? No way.